Review: Clinique Acne Solutions Kit


So I started using this kit because I have oily skin that causes pimples, especially in my forehead and chin. I’ve been suffering from acne through years and been treating  my face with several products. I bought this kit two weeks ago and from what the cosmetologist told me the product was made to control several acne plus good to all skin types.

Now on to the good vs bad review:

Good: It does control your acne and leaves your skin fresh.

Bad: After two weeks of using it and applying it in my entire face, my skin started to peel off. It’s only to use in the affected areas of your skin, NOT your entire face!

Good: My skin is super super oily but it has been getting better thanks to it.

Bad: The moisturizer is disappointing. Why? Well it should leave your skin smoother, but in the contrary it leaves your skin dry. That’s what I’m also looking for, for a smoother skin.

Good: Great price, but also if you travel a lot like I do then it’s the right choice for you.

This is the third week that I’m still using it and so far it has controlled my acne, but again it’s a product that should be only used in the affected areas, like in my situation “T” area. I have sensitive skin in my cheeks area, around my nose and neck. For that I will later on buy a moisturizer for day and night to apply in my cheeks, around nose and neck.

Do I recommend this? Yes, I do. But keep in mind again is to be only used in the areas where your acne is placed.


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